Monday, 11 May 2015

Green and Pleasant Beers breaking UK law.

We reported earlier that Green and Pleasant Beer - a brand owned by 28 Broadwick Street, had closed. The company had raised finance on Crowdcube.

This beer is now being sold online by a rogue trader - or at least a company that does not deem it necessary to to follow UK law for online selling -

We have emailed them on two occasions via their site but have had no response.

We'd suggest you steer well clear - its rubbish anyway!

PS - following on from this being reporetd to TS, the site is as of 12/05, no longer selling its beers online anymore. Wouldnt it have been easier to just put the required details on the site??

PPS - had an email from the new G&P London Ltd. They bought the brand off 28 Broadwick Street Ltd in September 2014 and intend to run with it. They had no idea what happened to the Crowdcube shareholders in Fleur Emery's company  - our guess is they have been ditched. If anyone has any information, we'd be interested to hear. 

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  1. Fleur Emery claims to be still involved in the company. Please see her linkedin page. This seems to contradict the claim of the new company that reported to you 'We have no idea what happen to the previous company'. Do you think that if the shareholders where so royally fucked that they would have mention it? Why do you thin we haven't heard anything on the grapewine? I don't accept that all unfortunate investors is going to feel foolish and not want to speak out. I think some people are going to feel very angry if they have invested ten grans or more.

    The media are very interested in ECF-ing. I'm sure I could find you an article in the FT, telegram or independent which expresses some skepticism. You may be right about journalist laziness. Do you think they don't what to risk getting letters from lawyers? Is that something that you are expectinfg - a letter from some sleazy law firm?