Friday, 19 June 2015

Crowdcube's PRing just keeps coming.

Now Darren Westlake is at it

We'd agree that it has reached a tipping point - only ours is at the other end the scale. The article is full of misinformation. There are no winners on Crowdcube, not one of the 250 businesses funded has even looked like returning investors original stake let alone a ROI. Many have gone bust and many more will follow. On the basis that if you invest in 10 you will get one winner - a basis promoted by Crowdcube, you would need to see a 10X return on your one winner just to BE. That is of course if they havent diluted you several times in the course of becoming this winner.

The forums are joke - any comment detrimental to the pitch will be removed and or you banned. Investors do not have access to the required levels of information to make an informed decision - its just gambling in its most common form. The odds are very long and Crowdcube's days are numbered.


  1. Did they ban you even if you had invested in one of the deals they pitched? That would be horrendous - unless someone was being rude or derogatory.

    1. Its not just me - plenty of comments have been removed. I have screen images to prove it. Crowdcube is heavily managed site - there is democracy.