Monday, 1 June 2015

Filmore & Union win valuation of the Millenium.

Crowdcube valuation of £5m today.

It's just a little embarrassing.


  1. CAKE is pretty bad too, Kelly Hoppes was the biggest joke of all.

    Crowdcube = house of cards

    1. There have been worse ones that achieved funding. Front Up Rugby which raised £300k in various tranches on CC and was their Business of the Year, was backed by James Haskell. it went bust but not before allowing the founder to arrange a pre packed deal via the administrators to give him a well paid FT job with Lyle&Scott who paid off his business loan. Creditors including HMRC and all investors got nout. Not surprisingly Haskell's subsequent attempt to raise money for his own brand fell flat on its face.

    2. Rob, do you see any winners out of the crowdcube platform to the benefit of investors?

      Some of the management teams I am seeing look shocking, but there are one or two I was going to back until I found you :)!!!

    3. Not really. If you look at logically why would there be. Maybe one out of the first 1000 CC pitches to fund will make money for investors - maybe. So that's in another 2 years time or so that it pitches and another 5 years before it sells for £££££. If like me you joined and invested in 2011, that means you have waited till well after 2020 for a single result. That is a very patient position to hold for more than 10 years, checking pitches every month etc. As of today not one of the 250 CC funded pitches has returned anything, 10 or so have gone have gone bust and many of the ones we have research on from 2011 to 2014 are nowhere near the projections used to sell the equity. Its not a sensible way to build sustainable businesses and without subsidy (SEIS and EIS) it would have died an early death. Really its just a play for thing for bored overpaid city dwellers!!