Saturday, 6 June 2015

IMD Health file for closure

IMD Health Ltd raised money on an equity crowdfunding site we have featured here - Bank to the Future. The site is essentially a con, as is the man behind it - Simon Dixon. It is now run off shore as no one would issue it with an FCA licence in the UK.

IMD was one of only 3 successful pitches on the site. One other one has closed and the third is yet to file accounts. IMD claimed to be part of a Canadian based organisation, IMD Global but they have no reference to any European let alone UK operation.

So just two years after raising money on BTTF, the company is closing.

At the same time Simon Dixon (from his new abode in Hong Kong) has apparently raised over $1m for his latest venture with Max Keiser; a bitcoin investment fund. Its always hard to know with Dixon what is real and what is just his fantasy, so the $1m fund maybe just one of his dreams. There are a lot of crazy people out there if its true.

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