Friday, 26 June 2015

Just Trust Pilot Park

We were curious to see how the new fully funded Just Park was getting on.

Looking at Trust Pilot reviews it seems very impressive - 9.5 out of 10 and 1000 reviews.

When you look at the reviews in date order however, at least 50% of this years - not many considering they have 1000 in total, are 1/2/3 stars. Some serious complaints about customer service - see picture above!

Even stranger is that the really good reviews kick in on 5 September 2014 and then there literally hundreds of 5 star reviews all dated 1/2/3/4 and 5 September 2014 - we gave up scrolling down as it was never ending.

So what happened to the time in between and why are all these reviews crammed into 5 days? Any ideas welcomed.

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  1. Rob

    The early Sept ones mostly say 'Review by confirmed purchaser'. This means that Just Park signed up to TrustPilot (TP) and provided a file of customer data to TP who will have sent out an email to the list inviting people to review Just Park.

    That would also account for why there are so many in a small space of time.

    The more recent negative reviews are mostly not 'review confirmed by purchaser' ones. They could be bogus ones (unlikely as TP makes reviewer jump through several hoops) or they could be genuine - perhaps proactive ones from customers rather than in a feed from Just Park for TP to email.

    In a previous job I worked for a company using TP and know they do make a real effort to ensure reviews are genuine, but there are loopholes that a company could exploit such as providing a 'massaged' feed of data. I am not saying Just Park did this.