Thursday, 11 June 2015

Social Marley has missed the boat

Effectively managing social media is a newish problem for SMEs. It is one they really must solve  - SM is the best way to promote your product or service.

A new pitch on Crowdcube claims to have the solution. Social Marley is not up and running yet - it wont be until after this funding is completed. Run by a 17 yo child entrepreneur, it is valued at £666k today. The only other director has had  what can be best be described as a colourful business background over the past 13 years - 23 companies, 14 dissolved 4 of which involved liquidation and the rest either not trading or doing very little.

The video that comes with the pitch tells us that this problem needs solving; one commentator actually stating that if someone came up with a SM management package, then that would be a very good idea.

Hootsuite is a US based SM management package that is already up and running and is on offer for a months free trial and then at £10 per month. It does what is required  - it manages your SM. If SMEs cannot increase profits by at least £10 a month by using this application, then their businesses need adjusting. It has 10m users.

Why, we are asking, would you back a complete flier, as yet totally untested in a market with at least two very dominant players who have all the advantages? How can this be worth £666k today? Cute dog though.

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