Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Some to watch

Some Crowdcube pitches with accounts due this and next month - who knows, maybe one of them will actually manage to match its pitch projections.

Flavourly Ltd - accounts now well overdue. Raised money initially on Angels Den - claiming it would not need to raise cash again before exit. At the end of 2014 it was back for more on Crowdcube this time raising another £300k. Reviews of their service are poor (Trustpilot and Mumsnet) and the core development is based on a Groupon offer which gave them a massive Christmas hit of discount hunting 'customers' who then melted away. Hence the lack of revenues. Beer52, which O'Rorke is attached to and also funded via Angels Den used the same tactics. We have already written a bit about Beer52. Angels Den projections for Flavourly showed 2014 t/o £900k, 2015 t/o £2,700,000 2016 t/o £3,600,000 and 2017 EXIT with squillions for investors.

Cauli Rice and Righteous - promising lots and now surely time to deliver
East End Manufacturing
E-Car Club
Dr Jackson Ltd
New Galexy Services


  1. Seen this?

    In case you don't know, the link to the free data is here:

  2. Not sure what they are going on about - free access to CH filings have been available for years through sites like Company Check or Duedil. The problem isnt access, it is the time lag (min 9 months for existing co's and 21 months for new cos') and the small company accounts system which allows non audited very sparse balance sheets only. This article is complete drivel.