Saturday, 4 July 2015

Who really founded Wildcat? Certainly not the person on Crowdcube!

Wildcat Automotive are attempting to raise £1.5m on Crowdcube  - we wont even go into the eye watering valuation.

In the pitch, they claim all sorts of things  - but we were not sure they were quite right. So we thought we should check. Wildcat as a marque was created by Bowler and then sold to QT Servives - see here -

So Mr Mitchell's claim to be the founder is a little misleading. Two Mitchell's (father and son?) joined the QT team in 2013 some six years after they had started making the Wildcat and 17 years after the company was founded. As soon as they joined, all the founders, the designers of the Wildcat, left.

QT filed for striking off late last year but this has been withdrawn - and the  company is now owned by Mitchell's Wildcat Automotive Holdings. Why you have to ask would such a successful company - as described in the Crowdcube pitch, want to close? Why does Mr Mitchell claim to have founded this marque?

To be honest this is all so far fetched we dont expect even Crowdcube followers to invest. Do we?

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