Monday, 10 August 2015

Reviews are nothing if not unreliable indications of success.

We wrote about some odd reviews on the Trust Pilot site for Just Park a while back. They had hundreds of 5 Star reviews all dated in the same very tight time frame and then mostly poor reviews over a more 'natural' period.

Flavourly have consistently been poorly reviewed on TP - until just now. A group of reviews all within a 3 hour slot are all first reviews for the presenters and all very brief but 5 Star. Most of the other reviews are 1 or 2 star.

Flavourly use the internet to misdirect. They pitched on Crowdcube promoting their large subscription base as a key success indicator  - failing to point out that it was mainly made up of Groupon customers  - oneoffers looking for free deals. The reaction to the product and service was poor. We looked at their pitch at the time, pointing out that they had come up way short of the predictions they used when they pitched previously on Angels Den.

Be aware - the best advice is to ignore the good reviews and read the bad ones - if they are truly awful then avoid.

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