Monday, 10 August 2015

Zero Carbon Foods fails on an epic scale but declares success the Crowdcube way.

If you browse through the latest pitch on Crowdcube you would be forgiven for thinking this was a great opportunity. It maybe but not when they choose to hide facts and totally mislead  - backed as usual by the Crowdcube platform.

Zero Carbon Foods raised almost £600k at the end of 2013 on Crowdcube, valuing the company then at ~£2m. They have a star studded board - celebrity chefs and CEO's of major movers in their market - salads. It all looked good - expected to have a turnover heading for 4 figures this last financial year and a small net profit.

Now they pitch using a completely different name ''Growing Underground'' - in the hope that the crowd will be too stupid to realise this is Zero CF? They eulogize about the success of the role out and the massive things to come and emphasise their celebrity board. Again it all looks very promising  - ticking lots of boxes for the 21C - sustainable food production, limited carbon footprint, limited use of chemicals etc.

So why has the last 12 months seen such a dismal performance? Why did the management not raise the other £400k it said in would in 2014? Why are they looking at a loss of several hundred thousand pounds when they promised a profit and finally why, when all of this is documented fact, do they pretend that its all gone to plan?? Turnover for 2014 was disappointing - the clue is the name. All the money is gone and they will certainly have to raise more cash in the next two years if the last 12 months is anything to go by - despite the usual claims by the management. The new valuation of £2.5m is just more Crowdcube nonsense - based on sales and progress this company has to be worth less than its previous £2m.

We all know that setting up a new business has ups and downs. Delays are inevitable and set backs are guaranteed. So just be honest and say so. Your plans are way off schedule and you need more cash. You have learnt from your mistakes and will act accordingly. Now the opportunity is still alive, with more backing.Stop growing your board and start selling some greens!

Then you might have a chance. This pitch is just total BS.

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