Thursday, 5 November 2015

Catflops and other misguided ideas

If you fancy investing in people who

  • Have no experience in start ups and/or running businesses
  • Have not yet field accounts  or stress tested their model
  • Have projections that go from zero to £3.2m in just 4 years with only £150k invested in three tranches
  • Have a current valuation of £1m
  • Have already asked for the full £150k on so have joined the Tarts team.

And you really like cats then this one is for you. Crowdcube's new Cat in a Flap truly is an outstanding piece of complete twoddle.

Or perhaps you're backing the new suits you boys Morts and More.

  • Again no experience in start ups and managing businesses.
  • Again no accounts filed of any substance
  • Has some of the worst looking sample shots we have ever seen - 

But this one comes with an added bonus.............. Fleur Emery is their advisor. Some people may remember Fleur as she founded Green and Pleasant which funded on Crowdcube. Then she advised another Crowdcube pitch. Green and Pleasant closed shortly after the funding, although the brand was 'passed on' to someone else to run - shareholders as far as we know saw none of their investment back. We had a feeling she would reappear here at some stage! 

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