Thursday, 19 November 2015

Crowdcube's pitches still on the game

We had assumed that by now, what with all the hard work we are doing FOC, that Crowdcube pitches would have reached a reasonable level of DD.

Apparently not.

The latest company to fall short of the 'honesty' line is Perks Loyalty. They value their company at £1.75m  - as complete start up.

So you are thinking well the guys involved must be some big hitters. The sole director, an ex footballer, has a few other companies but only one that you could call established, Top Screen Media Ltd. He is ''a leading expert in digital innovation' according to Crowdcube. Top Screen trades at a loss.

We dont have a problem with any of the above. However a very casual glance at his Top Screen Media business rings alarm bells. On this website, he very sensibly has 'Case Studies' to illustrate the benefits of the service the company offers.

There are 11 in all and one of them is for Perks Loyalty. It makes no mention here that Perks is entirely owned by the same person who owns the service being case studied. If this guy can have bogus case studies on his main business website - after all Perks is raising funding to get going so its hardly much a case to study - then believing anything else he says might be difficult.

Still now you know you can at least make a sensible, informed judgement.  

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