Friday, 20 November 2015

Enistic withdraw their Crowdcube pitch

Enistic were until very recently trying to raise £150,000 on Crowdcube. The pitch wasnt going too well, but then quite a few on Crowdcube seem to be struggling.

They had a very high rating from Crowdrating - two golds and a silver, which is pretty well the highest rating they can give. So if you believe what Crowdrating say this pitch was as good a bet as you can get. Enistic also formed part of the portfolio of Braveheart  - Crowdcube's Venture fund. In other words, it has the backing of Crowdcube's experts.

So where have they gone and why?

We may never know. Crowdcube run their platform firstly for themselves and secondly for entrepreneurs. Investors, or as some might like to call them, its clients, are almost always left in the dark. This is just one example alongside more obvious ones like 88 Delicious, where it would be very beneficial for potential investors to know why a pitch has gone off line.

We are left to fill in the blanks.

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  1. This is probably one of the more realistic pitches on there too..struggled to find many holes - I think the projections were a little optimistic but 100 x more realistic than others, maybe we should blame the crowdcube investors/gamblers?

    Worth noting that they have raised on the platform before and very few previous investors have come forward by the looks of it but I'm fairly sure they did a private round a few months back.