Thursday, 5 November 2015

Justpark anywhere

We had to share this with you.

On Trustpilot we found this plaintiff call for help from 4 days ago -

Someone has parked in our drive with a JustPark sticker in the windscreen. We are NOT a justpark space and need the car removing urgently. I cannot get my car out of the garage.
I have emailed & messaged on their facebook page
I have left my details and phone number but they haven't replied
How can I get this car removed quickly?

I may have to contact the Police to tow it
Beware if you are using Justpark because this may happen to you 

UPDATE 09/11/15 - this review was referred by JustPark and is pending an enquiry by TP so is no longer visible. 


  1. I'm sure you'll love this one

  2. Thanks for heads up anon. Weh this pitch funded on Cc we askd then what they had done to prevent their central London locations (many of them underground or one off private garages) being used by terrorists - they never answered. Hope they had planned something!