Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A service that will help SMEs raise ECF.

Raising money via Equity Crowdfunding is not easy.

It is time consuming, can be frustrating and if you get it wrong will eventually be non productive. So its better to get the process right from the outset.

We have studied and analysed a great number of sucesfull and failed campaigns since ECf started in 2011. We know which platforms offer the best opportunities for a variety of different companies and funding requirements.

Our operation is run by someone who has founded and sold companies and been involved with start ups for 30 years. With a Cranfield MBA and hands on experience in equity crowdfunding, both as an entrepreneur and an investor, this experience could help you be successful in your campaign.

Its free.

In keeping with the whole Crowd ethos, we dont take an up front fee. We will look at the business and the pitch and then decide if we think it has a chance of raising its target. If we feel we can help then we will provide a hands on service to the point of the pitch launch and continue to advise whilst the pitch runs. Only if the pitch is successful and the money raised will we take a percentage of the capital and an equity stake in the company. We like to back our own judgements.

So you have nothing to lose. We can help you summit.

Contact us now via this blog site and we will respond on email to start the process.

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