Saturday, 12 December 2015

John Taysom invests in Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics have been trying to raise £450k on Crowdcube for sometime now - they have extended their time frame at least twice. We wrote about them here

It looked very likely that they wouldnt make it - the offer had been misdescribed in the pitch and it seemed people had lost interest.

Now the pitch is about to close with over £500k of funding including investment from John Taysom. The last £50k of overfunding coming in just a few days.

Taysom is well known for his ability to pick a winner so this development is one for consideration. He has invested in over 100 start ups and to date 18 of those have IPO'd, mainly on the Nasdaq.

To be honest we didnt rate this company - a link up with what appears to be a poor service by Vitality UK and the blatant use of misinformation in the pitch wasnt to our liking.

We would be happy to be wrong however and Taysom's involvement suggests that may well be the case. You have until midnight tonight to jump on board.

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