Monday, 11 January 2016

A New Year?

Ah, the turn of the year, time to turn over a new leaf and look at things afresh.

Or maybe not.

Here are some of Crowdcube's pitches that have reported accounts which in no way come to close to the projections they published when they raised funding on the platform -

PDB - more losses and little activity

7billion ideas - further small losses

Open Desk - appear to have failed to raise the extra capital required on the published plan, leaving existing crowd shareholders in limbo

Sweetly Stevia - another £65k of losses

Purple Harry - £60k of losses .v. a projected £70k profit, technically insolvent.

Stakis Daycare  - no nurseries ever set up, all but Stakis have now resigned.

Water to Go - raised £190k at the end of 2014, Projected profits for 2014 of £200k have in fact now been filed as losses of £270k.  

Peach Lettings which according to Crowdcube raised money in 2014, has no record of the 92 shareholders on their recent AR. One lonely shareholder only.

Of course some of these may go on to be a huge success, but just not in the timeframe they predicted.

Worth remembering when you next invest.


  1. Hi Rob ... again, I'm a big fan of your blog.... a refreshing update...

    So on Opendesk... I was an investor in the CC round... they've been able to raise a further £500k from a (very reputable) institutional investor as well as existing investors, at a valuation implying the existing investors have made >2x (on paper).

    Still early days, but they're doing super well.... Ciao

    1. Hi Akash - thats good to hear. As I said in the blog, the are someway off their CC projections which is all I can comment on. Hope they continue to deliver for you.