Monday, 18 January 2016

No change in information asymmetry

AutoTrip are back on Crowdcube. Its been less than a year.

Now you would think that the best policy with this would be for Crowdcube to publish the first campaigns projections so that we can all see how the company has fared?

Unfortunately this has not happened.

The original campaign last Spring had YE dates of December. So in order to make it easier for potential investors to compare like with like, you would expect this raise to have those same dates.

Unfortunately this has not happened, either.

The projections now are YE September. This is the company's filing date.

What is clear from a comparison is that the investment predicted for 2015 of £700k has not materialised. Sales seem short of predictions and losses higher but its simply impossible to make a real judegment, given the date obstructions placed in our way.

Maybe that's the way they planned it - it is ceratinly a ploy used by Crowdcube on a very regular basis.

Whatever the real state of affairs, the company which was 'valued' at £750k 10 months ago is now valued at £2.5m; having done very little. Amazing how good Crowdcube are at getting their investors on an upward value curve.

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