Friday, 22 January 2016

Why use ECf Solutions' services for your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign?

Why use our services?

At ECF Solutions we aim to make the most of your chances of raising funding using the Equity Crowdfunding channel. This is a new way to raise business finance and each campaign has to raise its full amount or you get nothing. So you simply do not want to fail – it’s too important to take a chance with.

Of course you can do it for yourself. The average failure rate is around 70%, although this does vary from platform to platform. We have seen many instances of campaigns that failed because they didn’t understand the metrics of this new channel, failed to understand the way the Crowd needs to be handled and failed to tailor their business model to attract the investment. Despite their businesses being investible, they failed to raise the full amount and therefore left with nothing.

Failure in your equity crowdfunding campaign will remain on the web for many years, causing you considerable problems should you wish to try again with a better proposal or raise money using a different option.

Our Services

We offer a bespoke end to end service, tailored to your needs.

We get involved right from the outset, advising you on the best platforms for your offer, looking at other similar campaigns, advising on the equity offer and investment vehicles and helping with the campaign documents and financials. We then see the campaign through with you, advising on actions to take if it stalls, keeping you up to date with any queries from investors, helping with the live pitches and helping wherever we can to bring about a successful conclusion. Campaigns can be very time consuming and we understand that your job is running your company – we take the hard work out of your fundraising.

Our advice is based on studying hundreds of campaigns since 2011 across multiple platforms. We know how to achieve the best outcome.

Contact us for a chat. What have you got top lose?


  1. Hi Rob, love the blog but failing to see the logic in your offering.

    For a company with the sole aim of raising equity investment, isn't using the knowledge of the platform' account managers of more use (and free)? As you've stated many times before, the platforms sole aim is to get you live and funded. Therefore it is safe to assume that their knowledge and greater direct experience should be of more value; they are ultimately more likely to know how to get a pitch funded.

    1. Its a fair point but misguided in its conclusions. We offer a totally independent service so will help companies choose the right platform for them - be it B2B, B2C, tech, pre revenue etc etc. When you ask a wine merchant for a good Chablis he is unlikely to recommend one supplied by his competition. Choosing the wrong platform and consequently failing could be a disaster.

      We have also trailed over 1000 pitches on all the UK's platforms - so we have a much more rounded view than any one individual platform - who by instinct will follow what has worked for them before. We would also add that many (not all) of the staff employed by the platforms come up a little short, from what companies have told us. The platforms are all pre profit and simply dont spend money of good staff. 70% on average of live pitches fail - that is a high number we know we can reduce.

      We know it will work as we only decided to take the plunge after being appraoched by several companies off the blog. We already have 3 clients in the space 36 hours.

    2. PS - you also have to consider the very important management of the live campaign which the platforms certainly do not help with - they are not allowed to. It can be very time consuming - we take the strain of this away from the entrepreneur who can then concentrate on running his/her/their company.

  2. Hey Rob,

    I was hoping you would write in your blog when your clients' crowdfunding campaigns go live.

    It seems like a win-win-win for me, the investors can feel more reassured by your seal of approval, the companies get an additional boost in their campaigns and you could start building a track record of successful ECFs (would be a nice change from all those negative examples here).

    Have I just missed it or is there any particular reason why you wouldn't do this?

    1. Hi Anon - a few relevant points

      1. Anyone with a genuine interest can easily get in touch with me via phone or direct email.
      2. It would be against FCA regulations for me to recommend an investment.
      3. It would be against FCA and moral regulations for me to recommend an investment I had an interest in seeing complete.

      Quite happy to discuss further if you have the bollocks to say who you are!! Anon is such a chicken shit way to correspond.

      FYI and in no way is this a recommendation, our first pitch will be going live in May.