Monday, 22 February 2016

Flavourly - surely time to jump ship!

Here are some more fantastic reviews for Flavourly - a continuing saga from Crowdcube that has to have the worst customer service record since the Titanic. Anyone seen the life jackets by the way?

This is what happens when you build a customer base on Groupon offers with no systems in place and it appears no staff in the office.

Love the incredibly lame responses from the CEO - they have been saying the same thing for over a year but have not managed to address any of the problems. The overall rating would be far lower but Flavourly have challenged many reviews which now just remain with a Trustpilot note saying deleted.

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Group On Total Rip-off

Was given a Group On voucher for Flavourly for Christmas. Validity was until end of March. When I went to redeem in February, the Flavourly website said my voucher had expired.

I suspect this website is a complete scam as the wording used in the redemption process is riddled with errors and incorrect and inconsistent use of terms to describe the voucher code redemption process. Very disappointed to be ripped-off in this manor. Hopefully these guys will be shut down ASAP.

Incompetent admin; incompetent customer service

Got charged despite quoting voucher code. Wrong beer sent. Silent customer service.


Reply from Flavourly

Hey Rodger,

Ryan here, owner of!

I just wanted to say sorry about this, I don’t have any emails from you to or twitter or Facebook so we were unaware you had any issue with your account.

The last correspondence we had was back on the 2nd of this month. I have asked my customer service manager to contact you directly. Please look out for an email from Amin and he will sort this out immediately.


Can't cancel!!!!!!!!!

I have tried several times to cancel my subscription online. Originally bought a food box as a Christmas gift for a nephew, I received the next box, it was ok. Decided to cancel as I couldn't really see the worth. Tried several times from January to cancel online, it goes all they way through the process and then does back to your membership page, no confirmation of the cancellation. Turns out my Feb box is being processed, so clicked the box to cancel this, guess what? NO confirmation, no contact number, just email, so now got wait to see how quickly they respond. Not impressed.


Reply from Flavourly

Hey Louise,

Ryan Here, Owner of

First of all I have to apologise about this, we try to make cancellation as easy as possible and always provide a support line for customers who get stuck.

I don’t see any previous email’s from you in the support line, if possible can you email Amin my customer service manager on and he will ensure this account is cancelled for you.

I would have stepped in sooner however I did not know you were having issues cancelling.



Waste of time.

Update: Flavourly contacted me and have resolved the situation. Thank you and we look forward to our Feb box.

I started my subscription in early January. I thought the cook box was a great idea. I even considered adding a beer box if I liked the food box.
The Jan box was full of Christmas items, some of them being useless. As I imagined they were just using up stock I decided to continue and wait for my February box.
The money was taken from my account this month and since the 3rd Feb it has shown as processing on my account. Now the 10th and still no box. I waited longer than the 48 hours for the delivery. I have sent them an email with no response. Feeling quite unhappy at the moment.


Reply from Flavourly

Hey Marc,

I have just noticed you have given us a 1 star review for a few problems that we are not aware off. Can I ask where you sent your email as I have checked all inbound channels and can't find it.

If possible can you drop us an email to and I will get this mixup sorted out for you.

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