Monday, 29 February 2016

Crowdcube crashes due to Mondo - what next?

It is hard to believe.

The much heralded challenger Bank Mondo's £1m Crowdcube raise has been a bit like watching Madonna on a bad night.

Despite lots of figures being banded about on the numbers of the Crowd who had registered to take part and had been sent emails etc, the platform crashed immediately the pitch went live. Two hours later Mondo posted a tweet apologising for the confusion and stating the pitch had been suspended - not a reference to Madonna's attire.

These are two tech based businesses that seem to find it hard to handle the tech.

Of course we will get the usual Crowdcube Langisms about how the unprecedented demand could not have been foretold and how is was not their fault, anyway but, yeah but cos it wosnt. So there. He can hardly blame Mondo.

Why did Mondo choose Crowdcube? That has to be down to their funders, it certainly cannot be because of their record.


  1. What's The Truth About Equity Fundraising Website email address?

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    1. Just tried the contact us form and it seems to work. sorry you had a problem. Try emailing us at