Thursday, 24 March 2016

Come on guys you cannot be serious

A new pitch just launched on Crowdcube has the headline grabbing statement to describe its gadget-

'With an industry leading 5 Star rating on Trustpilot.............................''

So not only is this a full 5 Star Rating but it is an Industry Leading one.

How many reviews should you have to make a claim like this on the UK's largest equity crowdfunding platform. A platform that is very strict on its due diligence.

How many would be reasonable to make such a gargantuan claim? 1,000 reviews, 5,000 reviews? No surely it would have to be in the tens of thousands to have any credibility.

The real figure for this business, Nobly Point, is 37. Thirty Seven. No not 37,000 or 3.7m just plain old 37. Less than 40 and just over one third of 100.

Is that credible. No way. Would you feel inclined to trust the rest of what they tell you - No. Would you be surprised that this nonsense is allowed to appear on an FCA regulated ECF platform?

No because it is on Crowdcube.

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