Friday, 4 March 2016

Droplet evaporates

Droplet's second visit to Crowdcube was very short lived.

All references to it have been removed by Crowdcube. This was the result of a Google search -

23 Feb 2016 - In April last year, Droplet raised £549,020 from 298 investors in order to grow its ambassador network, reduce the cost of acquisition of ...

But when you follow the link all you get is - 404 Not Found!

However we have been able to find some of Mr Lang's usual PRing on the subject, kindly reproduced two weeks ago by His Masters Voice, Crowdcubefund Insider - 

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube, commented:
“Tech businesses, like Droplet, are always popular with our crowd of 245,000 members who have invested £45.5m in the sector, so it’s great to see the business return for a second round of funding on Crowdcube.”
And Amen to that came the cry from the 245,000 Crowd.

So - the obvious question is, where has it gone? They were a long way off their projections, even by Crowdcube standards, so maybe they have been cut adrift to sink slowly like so many of Crowdcube's success stories. Ah well, another one bites the dust. Better luck next time everyone. Jesus only walked on water once you know and he was God's son.

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