Thursday, 10 March 2016

What sort of people do Crowdcube employ Part 2

You have to ask if it is surprising that so many Crowdcube pitches have exaggerated claims in them, when the staff at Crowdcube cannot resist bigging themselves up.

We wrote a blog about one instance recently. Now by accident we have come across one far worse.

The Head of Tupperware at Crowdcube, states in his Linkedin profile that he founded C...... Entertainment Ltd. So far so good. But reading the story of C ..... reveals some oddities. According to this guy, he was only there until December 2013. And according to him the company was closed by part trade sale and liquidation.

Records at CH show this guy is still a Director of C....., which has as yet not been dissolved. C.... realised only £1,500 in total from its liquidation with debts of over £100,000. Maybe the £1,500 was the trade sale? Maybe this guy forgot to post the resignation forms back in 2013 because in 2016 he is still there in the filings. Who knows, he works for Crowdcube, so it's all possible.

In his Crowdcube big up, C..... is a success story. Just for the record, in the 5 years it has been a registered limited company, it has only filed one set of accounts showing a loss of £100k. Apparently Crowdcube think this means he knows about building up SMEs and start ups. His only other 'job' outside Crowdcube has been a short 6 month stay at a marketing company - where he was sure he ran everything brilliantly.

When Darren Westlake's own self appraisal is not exactly accurate, I suppose the rest of his team are only following his example. However this guy is apparently in charge of something for which, from all the evidence we see, he is not even remotely qualified. He gave a Crowdcube presentation at the Business Show in London last December.

Should we be worried? Most certainly.

Still it helps to explain all the anomalies. Looking good there Ron.

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