Monday, 4 July 2016

Are HMRC asleep?

We wrote about Videogram before - here

They have filed accounts that are beyond a joke. You have to go onto the HMRC site to believe it.

Probably better that we just dont bother with annual accounts as these are clearly made up just before popping out to the pub.

They make minimalism look extravagant.  Paid up share cap £1, Profit and loss account £3, cash at bank £3.


  1. I think you mean Companies House?

    They must be out to lunch as well, to allow such accounts to be lodged.

  2. Companies house only look at the format and wording.
    They do not check the numbers.

    I think the same is true for HMRC - they only look at the CT500, not the accs - unless there is an issue.

    Of course I may be wrong

    1. Think that's probably right - but then what is the point in filing accounts at all?? The system sort of worked before ECF but you cant expect peeole to do due diligence if the information they access via a government portal is wrong. That is going to elad to very big mess - in fact it already has!