Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Indiegogo about to launch an Equity Crowdfunding offer

Indiegogo have announced they are to launch an Equity Crowdfunding offer - so you'd better watch out

Following the passing and enactment of the Title III section of the JOBS Act in the USA, things could look very different for ECF in the future.

Indiegogo have been helping projects fund for years and have a very large army of followers - or potential investors. They were instrumental in the JOBS Act, so it has clearly been their intention to enter this space. When they do, it will be a bit like dropping a baby elephant into your bath - the rubber ducks may get shot out the side.

Whether they have what it takes to complete the rigorous SEC paperwork and create investible pitches remains to be seen, but we wouldnt bet against it.

UK platforms eyeing up the new US market will now have to think again. In fact it is entirely possible that Indiegogo will use its UK operation to cover ECF here. 

Interesting times ahead. 

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