Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Syndicate try going public again - with Fitbug!

Syndicate Room have a deal with the LSE - the only ECF platform to be able to offer shares this way.

To date the two attempts to get this new version of equity crowdfunding off the ground, have gone off with whimper rather than a bang. Two tries and two failures.

In what we see as desperation they are now offering shares in Fitbug. This company has a colourful record on AIM - their two year share price graph would be banned from Centre Parks due to its dangerous G forces.

They are now apparently in a remodelling process. However they cant wait for this to return some evidence of traction, so they have resorted to, as one publication put it, scrapping the bottom of the crowdfunding barrel.

We dont see attempt three being any better than one or two.

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