Thursday, 4 August 2016

Beware - Jon Allen now reappeared as entrepreneurial guru

They say you cant keep a good man down. Ex Crowdcube 3 time failure Jon Allen is now selling his 'success' story to lure would be entrepreneurs. CAVEAT IPSUM EMPTOR.

We have written a few blogs on JA and Up Front Retail Ltd here  - it has been 
anything but up front.

Crowdcube investors lost over £400k (according to Allen's own Linkedin page) when he did a pre packed deal with Lyle & Scott, where L&S got the company for next to nothing. They have obviously now had enough of him so he is on the loose taking money from unsuspecting entrepreneurs in his latest guise as a business guru. Allen had already seen at least one of his companies go down a similar route. 

Reading his CV you would believe that this guy could help you out. But he leaves out the important bits; how he raised money several times on Crowdcube, always promising the earth but failed to ever deliver figures anywhere near to his projections and then closed, leaving all shareholders and creditors high and dry in a deal which gave him a full time job with Lyle & Scott and paid off his business loan. Nothing illegal you understand but then nothing moral either. 

So just in case you run into him, his new venture is called Enploy and The Entrepreneur Test. 

You have been warned. 

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