Tuesday, 2 August 2016

MindGenius passes £400,000 and 200 investors on Crowdcube

The Crowdcube MindGenius pitch has been extended and we would urge readers to take a look. This is exactly the sort of business that Equity Crowdfunding should be used for.

We helped the company to put their campaign together - so we know that the plans are sound and doable. This is as far from the usual Crowdcube glamour pitch as you can get.

The team behind the company have been there and done it once already - selling a previous company for over £20m. The new product, Barvas, has been very well received by the company's existing customer base and the money being raised will help to launch Barvas in the US, where a market has been identified and the channels to market already secured.

Its not hyped, its not fluffed up but it is all genuine. If company's such as this cannot raise finance via equity crowdfunding then you have to seriously ask what is the point in having this funding channel. 

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