Friday, 9 September 2016

Has Little Brew passed its sell-by date?

Little Brew's accounts are 3 months overdue. It's FB and Twitter sites have been inactive all year. It doesnt have any beer to sell and no outlets stock it. This looks like another Crowdcube success story.

Little Brew raised £110k off 160 investors at the start of 2014. Run by an enthusiast who then moved from London to York, we can find no reviews of the beers, no stockists and the website says their shop is open from 12 to 4pm on a Friday - you cannot buy online.

Doesnt sound much like the plan promoted to investors by Crowdcube where the turnover was over £800k for YE August 2016.

Still it just shows that counting the number of closed businesses - as Crowdcube love to do when the media pick on them - is no gauge for how the rest are doing.

That shop must be bloody busy each Friday  - takings of just over £15k or roughly 3000 bottles sold in 4 hours - that's over 12 bottles per minute. They must use a time-lapse POS system.

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