Monday, 5 September 2016

Verto Homes' Newquay development update on Funding Circle loans

The Funding Circle saga over loans not repaid by a Newquay development that was recently promoted by Verto Homes on their successful Crowdcube pitch, rattles on.

Despite many promises that the funding was just over the hill, the hill has continuously and mysteriously moved just out of reach. Funding Circle have been unwilling or unable to do a thing about it. The repayments were due in May. Almost £500k is still outstanding. According to FC, all 14 units in this development had been sold but that now appears to have been optimistic. At least 2 and possibly 4 have hit snags; the nature of which has been a closely guarded secret. 

Meanwhile, as this situation developed on FC, Verto were raising equity funding on Crowdcube. The Crowdcube pitch made no mention of these late repayments  - until we mentioned them. Verto claimed the loans were nothing to do with them. The development at Towan Heights was however the the main featured picture in their Crowdcube pitch. They had used an alternative vehicle to obtain the cash, which, once you lifted the covers, certainly had one leg wrapped around Verto Home's midriff.

It is no more or less than we have come to expect with Crowdcube. Minimal information, maximum smoke and mirrors equals commission. 

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