Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Investden claims to have raised money for Bedlam Brewery are false?

An FCA regulated equity crowdfunding platform has claimed to have raised over £250k for Bedlam Brewery. Bedlam Brewery deny this. 

Bedlam are currently on Crowdcube raising £330k. We posted an article on them recently stating that they had raised money on Investden and showing how the projections used then had been missed by several fairways.

To refute this, Bedlam have posted a response on the CC pitch forum stating that they have never raised money on Investden and have asked them to remove the claim - with no response. You can see the Investden claim here

Someone is lying. 

Investden are FCA regulated via a proxy arrangement with Clasp Investments, who own and run the platform. If they are promoting false information - the link above clearly states they raised the money from 87 investors for Bedlam, then action must be taken. Of course it wont, but it must be.   

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  1. have investden ever raised money for anyone?