Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Pure Bedlam

Bedlam Brewery are back - on Crowdcube this time - Hurrah!

Mind you, you wouldnt know that they raised over £200k on Investden only last year - because for some reason Crowdcube fail to mention it.

According to the Investden pitch, the revenue for 2015 was forecasted at £519k, which is great. And whats more impressive is that they projectd growth for 2016 of over 100%.  The real revenue delivered by Bedlam was £187k for 2015 and £360k projected now for 2016, which isnt quite so great.

So why, you have to ask, isnt this pertinent information made available to potential investors on Crowdcube? We have absolutely no idea but we are pretty sure Crowdcube do.

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