Saturday, 15 October 2016

So how is Nicola Horlick's Glentham Fund doing?

Nicola Horlick's Glenthan Fund raised £150k on Seedrs in July 2013.

This is from the pitch - 

Glentham Capital would receive a management fee of 2% per annum. If $100 million is raised, the annual revenue of the company would therefore be $2 million.

3 years later and the company has achieved very little - if anything, The film fund it was set up to raise of $100m is as far as we know empty and cancelled. As are the company coffers, with the latest (late) filed accounts showing an overall deficit and losses of the year of £200k. 

We have written about this before - Seedrs also commented that Horlick had guaranteed to replace £250k into the company this year - but there is no evidence that this has happened that we could find.

Anyone got clue what is going on here?


  1. The number of updates this year has dwindled to only three. I'm sure no news is good news...

  2. Whoever posted the comment today 17/11/16 about the money Horlick has not paid into the fund, can you please get in touch as I cannot publish the comment without being sure that what you said is true. Thanks