Tuesday, 3 January 2017

When is legal action a good idea?

This doesnt happen very often - in fact this is the first time in over 500 articles that we have removed one completely. Threats of legal whilst clearly childish, are to be weighed in the grand scheme of things and if a company is so small and insignificant that their likely demise or legal battle is not going to make any news items, then fighting them over what's true and what's not isnt worth the time.

Suffice to say this was another Crowdcube funded company promising massive profits after just 2 years and delivering nothing but losses. It raised only £200k and as at March 2016 had no cash, so we dont expect it to be around for much longer.

Shareholders should feel hard done by - the projections were very highly glossed.

If anyone wants to know the name, just get in touch

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