Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Latest Beauhurst Report is debunked as fake news

We had an email today from Beauhurst -  you know Beuahurst the experts on Fintech News. It stated that Satago had been sold for an undisclosed sum to Oxygen.

We reported in this on this blog - Satago was funded via Seedrs. How often do we get the chance to report some good news about equity crowdfunding?

It was a Kellyannism.

Satago went into administration with Seedrs telling shareholders that they would receive nout back. Oxygen bought the company out for next to nout in a pre pack deal. 

Then all of sudden its a roaring bloody success - here is what they said........

What happened to the startups of yesteryear?

This week has been rewarding for investors in high-growth companies: Xafinity Consulting raised £190m in its IPO on the LSE; Ramsdens raised £15.6m with an IPO on AIM; and SatagoCustomadeRoot6, and SecretSales were all acquired.
So its all complete BS. Someone needs a grilling. You simply cant have fake news outlets trsuted with financially sensitive information in the public domain. Beauhurst are a total sham. 

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