Friday, 26 May 2017

Lucy's Dressings defies the Righteous message

Lucy's Dressings is back on Crowdcube - a year after its first raise. According to everything we know from the Righteous salad dressing company, this should be a no no.

Old timers on Crowdcube will remember Righteous - a company set up by the same people who now run Cauli Rice. The founders of Righteous sent an email to investors a year or so ago, explaining that they had been delisted by most of their glittering band of supermarkets. Why? Well the founders explained, salad dressings are not really selling and no one now expects them to in any great quantity. Good to know, if a little late for the investors who had believed the hype behind Righteous' previous CC pitches. Their PR was excellent.

Now Lucy has some salad dressings with glittering stockists. Hang on, havent we been here before? 

How many times can people make the same mistakes? Countless it appears. Good luck. 

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