Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Skaken em up boss

Shaken's main man, mixologist and cunning escapologist, Mark Jennings has made our day. He says we are well known. 

Well that's how the Crowdcube PRing dept would have spun what he actually said.

Just so you know, Shaken took £200k off Seedrs investors and closed 6 months later. Oh and they had already helped themselves to £150k on the same platform. The company has now closed through a voluntary dissolution. Shareholders were not consulted or given any information. Seedrs have been utterly useless with helping to resolve the situation.

In a series of Q&As on the platform, they have tried to find out why this all went so wrong. They even quoted this blog. That's where Mark's comment comes in. He stated that he doesnt respond to trolls and then goes on to say that I'm a known troll - the 'well' bit we inserted of course.

Mark really should get a conscience. Investors are entitled to know how he went through £200k in 6 months and achieved nothing. His final comment is telling - he says that he has complied with all the legal requirements for closing the company and that he wont be producing any accounts or anything else that might be helpful. His recent twitter feed shows him spending plenty of money at the local Garden Centre and on expensive hotels. Nice.

Well we hope that investors will remember his name for future reference. He is already selling himself as some ECF guru. He doesnt deserve your support. At least we offer a place for righteously angry backers to air their views. Troll or no troll.

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  1. Is the reason Crowdcube scrapped the mandatory financial snapshot in place of a 30 page dossier designed to bore the reader to Death ?? Thus missing the simple balance sheet the errors will be apparent.