Thursday, 11 May 2017

Who can you trust?

Crowdcube claim to have raised over £27m in Q1 of 2017. Beauhurst have just produced what they call a report that analyses all ECF funding in non listed Companies for Q1 2017. In it Crowdcube had only £23m. £4m is large gap even for Crowdcube.

We know the Beauhurst report is wrong as it doesnt include several established platforms and does include the bizzare one hit wonder, AllBright. This sexist platform (girls only) has achieved just one raise in the period   - an astonishing £50k. Whatever happened to bra burning?

Growthdeck, not included at all, must have done better than this?

You have to wonder with Beauhurst if they ever consider taking money for inclusions?

How Crowdcube come to £27m is a mystery. No doubt some clever number play at hand. Crowdcube are nothing it not clever with their numbers. 

You definitely cannot trust the man in the picture either. 


  1. There is one possible answer to this question - some people decide to withdraw their investments. Sometimes the difference is quite big between what was raised and what investors actually paid. Emanuel

  2. Lol, whos the man in the picture?

    That is a huge discrepancy, and its not any better if the above poster is right. It's dishonest presenting the pledged amount as the total invested amount and raises the questions - do campaigns use 'fake' pledges to get closer to the target amount, then withdraw that funding after the closing date?