Friday, 23 June 2017

JAM Vehicles raising £2m for electric JIVR

JAM have featured here before. They dont do accounts - why bother? They just raise cash and spend it. Well the first part is what they claim.


It seems we may have been a bit fast to judge JIVR. We asked the company to explain all the things below and he said - 

Sales are going very well - no figures.
Accounts are very complicated due to various subsidies which he wouldnt name. They are late but so what.
The monies raised in 2016 was a mix of equity and notes - notes dont appear at CH until or if they are converted into equity or accounted for as debt in the annual accounts - which are te ones that are 5 months late. 

Who knows but the accounts when filed may give us a better clue. We think trying to raise £2m without them will be hard. 

The Jivr bike needs cash. Anyone reading this blog will know that. But wouldn't you think that a company trying to raise £2m in the private sector, would file accounts. Their accounts were due January 2017. Their filing record reads like the South Eastern Trains records - late late late.

In a new pitch deck dated 2017, the company claims to have raised over £1m last year, in two tranches. But this money isnt filed at CH. Could that be the reason for the accounts being sidelined?

JAM raised £160k on Crowdcube in 2014 and have struggled ever since. The directors' revolving office door has been spinning to The Swing. 

The new PD is littered with glossy pictures and quotes taken completely out of context. Substance almost zero. It's a neat enough design idea and has been generally well received but this looks very much like a case of the inventor turned CEO making a mess of things. 

Maybe go back to the Waltz lessons before you get into the Electric Jive. 

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