Tuesday, 6 June 2017

We love you we really do possums!

Oh Powervault - you returned, again. So lovely to see you. A fourth time? Yes that's four times on Crowdcube and still you cannot get anywhere close to your projections. Oh well, we love you little critters with your energy packs anyway.

For all you possums out there, trying your hardest to lose your money, this one is a dead cert. Luckily Crowdcube have decided not to mention all the other 3 rounds with increased valuations against failed KPI's. On the pitch forum the outstanding Q is so far  - 'how many times have you raised on CC?'

We can tell you that this is PV's 4th time. That's probably a record. Those naughty little generators are so thirsty. 

We can tell you that they have missed their projections from the 2016 CC campaign by a very handsome margin - in this KPI they are consistant. And that they expect to sell this company after 2020 making all you possums a pretty penny. We dont know when they expect to make a profit but then it deosnt matter as their predictions are nothing if not totally unreliable. 

So invest invest invest. You know you want to.

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