Thursday, 29 June 2017

When you dont know what you dont know

This story is not criticism of anyone, it just illustrates that no matter how thorough you are , you can never be sure. Of anything. Ever. So lend me that ear......

Cauli Rice are due to produce accounts next month. Over the past 3 years they have raised a staggering £4m + on Crowdcube; having had a failed practice run with Righteous salad dressings. We follow them Keenly.

Reviews at one of their new listings are not great  - Ocado 2.7/5 with a serious number of 1 stars for smell and flavour. 

That aside, we were interested in some reviews on Amazon. One in particular caught our attention - from a  Dr Michael Keen. He tells readers that in his medical opinion this is the number one product for weight loss and healthy eating. He is a doctor so he should know - his point not ours. Quite a few reviewers agree but then quite a few hate it. We are not here to comment on the product. It's the reviewer.

We knew that the name rang a bell, and sure enough he had been quoted as an investor in Estatesdirect which has recently forced all CC B investors (£500k worth) to sell their shares for £7 in every £1000. Not a great result.

What is more interesting is that Dr Michael Keen, who we believe is a medical Doctor, is also a large shareholder in guess what. Yup, good old life saving Cauli Rice. We dont want to reveal his investment, but lets leave it at enthusiastic. 

It just shows you never really know what is what. Cauli has over 990 investors and relatively few reviews in total - so it is possible all of the positive ones are from people with, let us say, a vested interest.

According to recent news, some rice growers are about to request the term 'cauliflower rice' be banned as the product is not made of rice. That would prove interesting.

Lets hope the accounts have some good news.

Since posting this we have checked one other name and Alan Bowe who gives the product a 5 star review is also a considerable investor in Cauli Rice. We will keep looking.

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  1. The image you have chosen is a perfect alternative name for the product...