Thursday, 13 July 2017

TableCrowd trying to make a miracle

TableCrowd are currently on Crowdcube trying to raise £400k. Its not working. But they have come up with a cunning solution. Fabricating a miracle.

In an email we have seen, the company is privately offering their most loyal customers a special exclusive deal - if they invest on the CC platform in the next 24 hours. Remember its only open to their regulars; or so they say

Invest around £400 and get six months free dining and invest over £600 and get a whole year free. 

Well, how does that offer to exclusive customers, stack up with the idea of open democratic investment? Clearly it must be a breach of Crowdcube's T&C; if they have any. Some investors are being offered a deal, way better than others  - privately off the platform. Maybe it's common CC practice and this is the first time we have been advised about it. In this instance the company actually tells recipients to keep the offer to themselves - thereby actively taking part in the deceit. 

We have also been informed that this is not exclusive to loyal diners. Its been sent to at least one person who has never used the service.

So what happens to CC investors who invest but have not been sent this email - it appears they dont get this special deal. Is that fraud?

A little sad and typical of the sort of stuff that goes on regularly on the Crowdcube platform. Time for a change? Certainly. 


  1. If this concept had potential I would have thought that it would grow rapidly by word of mouth and thus would have a much lower need for capital. I'll keep my hands in my pockets.

    1. 99.9% of successful businesses don't grow rapidly by word of mouth. That's why companies need capital and investment. That is a silly reason to dismiss a business.

  2. My OH is self employed and belongs to a (non-profit) network where they share ideas/contacts etc once a month over drinks/snacks.
    I think it is rather cheaper than this and as you are not sitting down for a meal, you get to meet more than ~3 other people