Thursday, 7 December 2017

Anyone been pestered by Business Shaper Group Ltd? Is this another Shaw Academy?

We received an email just a few moments ago, out of the blue, from some outfit called Business Shaper Group - promoting investment in a current Crowdcube pitch for White Car. 

So we rang Emma and Gary Douglas-Beet to find out why. They couldnt tell us how they got hold of my private, not for business, email address and why they had sent me an investment invitation/advert for White Car, unsolicited.

On further discussion they said they would find out and get back to me. Im not hopeful. This conversation revealed that they are not FCA regulated but feel they dont have to be as they use Crowdcube's licence.

They claim to be partners with the cube - an official supplier of business advice, plans and promotions for all things ECF on the Crowdcube site. They have apparently helped 3 other pitches complete. I suppose this might explain in someway why the Crowdcube business plans are always such nonsense. We couldnt find them on Crowdcube's list of partners and their own website makes no mention of Crowdcube. Surely you would expect to find something? We did find one of their clients - TEC Avenue, who raised just £117k on Crowdcube in early 2017. TEC Avenue currently have 121 Twitter followers and 8 reviews on Amazon. 

As a company, BS Group (unfortunate acronym), are tiny and loss making according to the last accounts, which also show a negative balance sheet. So why the hell would any company worth their salt take their advice? 

I wasnt going to invest in White Car but had I been, I certainly wouldnt now. It doesnt look as though this pitch will complete anyway as it has only 5 days left and a long way to go. Why would they send out investment promos with only 5 days left if they were White Cars ECF management team??

Do let us know if you have had any junk mail. Remember the successful £2m raise by Shaw Academy on Crowcube was suddenly cancelled when it was discovered they had been promoting it against Crowdcube's advice.

PS - Just had another email from these clowns claiming my email address is all over the web - these are the illustrations they used -

Connect with Robert via email:

Email me at so we can connect.

Email me at so we can connect.

No idea who this guy is but it aint me. I gave these idiots my name and email so they could check this out. What a shambles. 

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