Thursday, 5 April 2018

Jon Allen - Crowdcube Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.

This is the shocking state of our entrepreneurial base in this country. A serial failure in the world of start ups is now charging people to advise them on start ups. All using the fact that he was Crowdcube Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.

This sort of thing does my head in. It certainly does not help UK plc.

Jon Paul started a business in 2005 called Front Up Ltd. He traded rugby shirts. That was all fine. In 2012 the business got into a spot of bother and he put it into administration. Well that is fine too, anyone who has run businesses will have had a failure.

In 2012 as Front Up was telling creditors that they had lost their money, Jon Allen was setting up Front Up Retail with Keith Watson - who has featured recently in the Suit that Fits saga. Together they formed Front Up Retail Ltd - using the heavily discounted assets that JP had bought from his administration. 

That's not quite so good.

This Front Up Retail has featured here many times - it raised money on Crowdcube twice in 2012 and then again in 2013 before collapsing in a total mess and being sold on in another pre pack to Lyle and Scott. Investors and creditors lost it all.

That's getting worse.

Now in 2016, JP set up another company - Enploy Ltd. This company uses the expertise of JP to advise start ups - for which it charges - who are these idiots? JP's bio on the company website tells interested parties that he has  - 

over 15yrs experience creating, growing and selling disruptive concepts into new markets. Crowdcube Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.

I think you can guess what we think about that. JP hasnt a clue what he is talking about when it comes to running a company. Just look at the evidence.

In much the same way of as Julia Elliot Brown has created a myth for herself after her business, Upper St, lost Seedrs investors all their money and left her creditors (£400k plus) to die, so JP is trying to create a myth around his failed entrepreneurial history. It simply is not honest and it really shouldnt be allowed. Failure is fine but you have to own it. This country needs better learning about business and how to make it work; not how to avoid the consequences of failure. 


  1. Crowdcube entrepreneur of the year for 2012? Tough year?

  2. Rob, if you have time, please could you publish a list of all CC Entrepreneurs of the Year and let us know how their businesses are getting on? Jf

  3. Forget the bio on Jon Allen's Enploy website, have a read on his LinkedIn how he describes his time with Front Up, hilarious! Funnily enough he omits to tell people it was a complete failure that returned investors £0. Have a giggle: