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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

ECF.Buzz is launching on 10th July 2019 - things will never be the same again!

10th July - the very same day Lady Godiva, The Countess of Mercia, rode naked through the streets of Coventry. That is the date for the launch of our new Equity Crowdfunding site ECF.Buzz. 

The two are not necessarily related. However as with Godiva, we are attempting to break the status quo and improve what is a hapless situation. Luckily for everyone, Im keeping my clothes on. And whereas her story is myth, ours is for real. 

This blog will be moving - to the new site. At ECF.Buzz everyone will have free access to the latest  blog posts but the archive will be kept for members. That along with the host of other great facilities we are offering - all of which are aimed at helping investors make better, more informed decisions. In this way we hope to improve the level of businesses being funded and eventually force the platforms to improve the offers they present. All round, this will improve Equity Crowdfunding. 

And from what we are being told, this is long overdue. It is time for Investors to take back control. 

Reasons to join Our Crowd

  • Independent Forum for knowledge transfer without interference from the platforms.
  • Huge knowledge resource on all things to do with investing in start ups.
  • Experts opinions and articles.
  • Company Tracker - our very own record of 1300 ECF funded companies 
  • Buzz Rating - our bespoke, handmade, analysis of funded pitches and how they are doing. 
  • MyTracker - get your very own personal service to help you keep tabs on your investments
  • The now almost famous Blog
  • Latest News on the sector.
  • ROI & RIP - definitive lists of companies that have made a return for investors and those that have failed. This will be accurate - unlike data on say Crunchbase, which is almost all faulty.  
So what do you say -  lets all get our kit off and celebrate the 10th July 2019. 
Go Diva!! Go Buzz!!

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