Thursday, 29 December 2016

Affresol cements another bad year for Crowdcube

Affresol Ltd have just posted their results for YE May 2016.

This company, which created a synthetic concrete for buildings, raised a small amount on Crowdcube in 2013 and has since raised over £1.5m in equity finance  - giving it a current equity funding of £2.4m.

In the Crowdcube pitch - it was shown as being in profit from 2014 and made a handsome £3.8m profit for YE November 2015 - so we assume that 2016 would be even more productive.

This was not a brand new venture on 2013; the Crowdcube pitch showed the company had completed its 5th iteration of its product in 2011. It had sales and was paying its directors £36k pa each. It also had backing from Finance Wales by way of long term loan.

So what has gone wrong?

Well we cant tell you that - its not something that basic one page balance sheets reveal. However we can tell you that to date they have racked up losses of £2.23m with 2015/16 accounts showing a large drop in debtors and losses of over £400k. The long term debt on the books has been reduced to almost zero from £260k in the previous year. The cash raised in 2015 has been invested in what the balance sheet shows as fixed assets but this seems to have generated falling sales and increased losses. There was no cash in the bank in May 2016 and no new cash has been filed at CH since.

All in all not looking too good for 2017.

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