Saturday, 3 December 2016

Last orders for London Distillery and Dodds Gin?

The London Distillery Co raised money on Crowdcube back in 2012.

We have written about them before here 

Its now unclear how much they raised on Crowdcube. The original Crowdcube site stated that they had raised £250k  - which in 2012 was a great success for the platform and was overtly used by it to promote Crowdcube. This now appears to have been a lie. The current CC platform states that they only raised £95k.

Who is surprised?

Anyway, whatever they raised, they have not managed to deliver much. Despite having new equity backing of almost £1.4m, they continue to make large losses. YE March 2016 showed a loss of £350k.

Recently the company set up Dodds Gin. This is 98% owned by LDC.

Dodds are very late with their accounts and have had a compulsory strike off placed on them. They did try to raise £1.5m via help yourself equity crowdfunding portal Envestry, which is part of Envetsors. Seems to have failed from filings at CH.

Drink Up.

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