Sunday, 7 May 2017

More Horlicks?

Nicola Horlick's Glentham Capital has come in for more than its far share of bad press. Recent reports state that the £250k she had promised the invest via Seedrs has now been paid in - meaning Seedrs do not have to follow through on their threat of legal action. Whoever thought they would? Companies House shows no new investment.

Glentham is now based in the US. There they have been trying to raise $125m since December 2016 via a platform called Castle Placement. The IP includes claims that Glentham has an exceptional team with a proven track record of building similar asset based platforms. Gone are the days when Glentham was focused on the film sector - it now intends to makes $1m-$10m loans to US lower middle market businesses.

One of the well established team is clearly Holick but what isnt made clear is that another member of the team is also a Horlick - well its Nicola's husband Martin Baker. Nothing like keeping it in the family. People might wish to critically review the term success when it comes to track records.

We will let you know if the paperwork for the £250k ever appears.

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  1. Surely by now an SH01 form should have appeared on the Companies House records, no more than one month from the investment being made. Or was the "investment" just a loan?