Sunday, 7 May 2017

There is no Hope

When it comes to fibs, Crowdcube's Hope pitch wins prizes.

Hope are looking to raise £500k and the pitch has just run out of normal time - well short of the line.  

But dont despair, Hope founders declare on the platform, they have some exciting news. Because the campaign has seen such great momentum, they are extending it for another 14 days. 

The only issue we have this statement, issued by Hope in the updates section of their pitch, is that it simply is not true. As the pitch very clearly states, the company is not really raising £500k on Crowdcube - £350k of this total was already in the bag before the pitch went live and was raised off platform. 

So in their allotted period, the company have only managed to raise just over £100k. Which quite frankly for a business backed by the ex CEO of M&S is pathetic. Recent activity has been next to nil.

What we can be certain of is that the extended campaign has nothing to do with momentum and everything to do with desperation. And why are we still finding Crowdcube hoodwinking their investors? It's such an amateur way to treat them.  You should really complain a little louder guys.

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